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Hey! I'm Amelia

progressive gen-z content creator, producer and digital strategist



With endless streams of entertainment only a tap away, it's more important than ever to make sure your voice cuts through. The best way to do that? Forging smart partnerships and creating authentic, engaging content that's both native to the platform and the audience you're speaking to.    

How'd we get here?

I'm an extremely online person who is proud (is that the right word?) to say I downloaded TikTok pre-quarantine.

Since middle school I've watched more YouTube than TV. Back in the days of MeganHeartsMakeup (if you recognize that name it may be time to consider retinol) I saw the value of digital content as an important means of both entertainment and information-sharing.

When Trump was elected in 2016, I realized my International Relations degree might have to sit on the shelf while I dove into the pressing matters at home.

I hopped on local campaigns, interned for Planned Parenthood's National office, and spent some time in local government.


After graduating college, the 2020 election cycle brought me to the Warren campaign, the Democratic National Convention, the Biden campaign, and the Inauguration team where I managed paid media, organic social, and made your favorite influencers + brands hand over their accounts for the greater good.


At Crooked Media, I launched a TikTok account which gained 125K+ followers and 22M+ video views in just 2 months. It now sits at 200K+ followers and 55M+ video views. 


I overhauled their Instagram strategy, resulting in a 12K+ follower growth in only 1 month. The digital original content I've hosted for Crooked has over 6M+ video views.


After deciding 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' was a reasonable motto to live by, I started posting political #content on my own TikTok. The account currently has 14K followers, and my trial + error as a creator in my personal capacity has helped inform my content strategy.


When I'm not begging my Instagram followers from high school to care about politics, you can find me trying to get a VPN so I can vote for my faves on Love Island (because yes I really love voting that much).

What I Do

Brand + Social Strategy

Overhauled Crooked's Instagram strategy, with a new emphasis on vertical video and optimizing for shares. 

The account saw 25+ follower growth in just weeks since implementation.

Then, I launched a TikTok account for Crooked which amassed 150K+ followers and 4M+ likes in 8 weeks. I scripted, edited, produced, and acted as talent in original content for the channel.


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Say it with me - working with influencers isn't the future, it's very much the present (and the past!) 


I spearheaded a partnerships program at the Democratic National Convention which included working with media companies (like Crooked, Complex, and Teen Vogue) as well as influencers.


I continued working on partnerships for the Biden campaign and Inauguration team, where we partnered with Twitter to create the largest ever auto-reply campaign.


I then consulted with the Hub Project on a microinfluencer program, that helped advance their goal of raising awareness for D.C. Statehood. 

Content Creation - Brands

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Paid Media

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ads that feel like content, not ads.

Amelia's Content

Let's work together!

I want to help progressive organizations, content creators and brands take their digital content, paid media, and partnership strategy to the next level. 


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